Our Vision, Mission and Values

The vision of the UNIFR LLM Alumni Association is to foster life-long relationships between its alumni and current students, the University, and to promote the academic excellence, interests and traditions of all. 

The mission of the UNIFR LLM Alumni Association is to actively involve the alumni and foster its engagement with the University through enhancing alumni connections, relevant programs, and effective communication, and thus enable the Association to become an essential partner of the University by:

  • Providing alumni with rewarding opportunities to serve the LLM, its faculty, and its students;

  • Celebrating success and highlight the achievements of alumni;

  • Promoting exchange between the academic education, the scientific research and professional practice in legal and compliance professional fields

  • Promoting excellence in life-long learning and exchange of knowledge and experience among alumni and students;

  • Encouraging alumni to proactively participate in the Association‘s activities as well as promoting the LLM’s accomplishments, programs, and offerings.

The UNIFR LLM Alumni Association is guided by the following fundamental principles and values:

  • Integrity and accountability: we ensure accountability and high ethical standards in all we do.

  • Respect and non-discrimination: we respect equality and do not tolerate any form of discrimination in all we do.

  • Camaraderie: we cultivate the University’s family belonging among all alumni and students.

  • Leadership and Innovation:we promote visionary guidance with innovation and dedication