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We are a non-profit alumni community, working to building an engaged international network of Fribourg LL.M Alumni.

The Fribourg Law Faculty LL.M programs offer a wide range of stimulating International Business Law specializations tailored to each student’s career choices. Fribourg Law is also the only law school in Switzerland to offer a degree program covering all areas of regulatory compliance – as well as in contracts and arbitration, and commodity trading. 

The study programs are not only academical but also allow students to gain valuable practical experience through law internships. 

​With its active participation, the Unifr LLM Alumni Association’s mission is to:

  • Providing alumni with rewarding opportunities to serve the LLM, its faculty, and its students

  • Celebrating success and highlight the achievements of alumni

  • Promoting exchange between academic education, scientific research, and professional practice in legal and compliance professional fields

  • Promoting excellence in life-long learning and exchange of knowledge and experience among alumni and students;

  • Encouraging alumni to proactively participate in the Association‘s activities as well as promoting the LLM’s accomplishments, programs, and offerings.

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